Life the Life You Deserve with Real Estate Investment

Life the Life You Deserve with Real Estate Investment
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The Author has been in Real Estate Investment since 2003, focusing in "buy and hold" strategy. This book was written to share real-life experiences from the start of the journey, through obstacles and problems. The book stressed an importance of Asset Protection and Business Taxation. How to treat business separately from personal matters. The Subprime Mortgage Crisis (Hamburger Crisis) during 2007 - 2009 and how investors became rich from buying properties at the bottom price during such crisis. The importance of having "Cash" in hand. How to select the properties to buy. Criteria to look for when buying properties. How and where to find contractors and other members to add to our "Team". The importance of teamwork and business relationships. Why businesses need to have "system" in place. How good system helps grow businesses faster and easier. What is "Calculated Risk" and why is it importance when it comes to buying real estates? Good Debt V.S. Bad Debt. How "Good Debt" helps you grow your rental business. How to manage properties and retain good tenants. The importance of raising rent from time to time. Learning from the author's experiences, you can avoid making wrong decisions and costly mistakes. This book will guide you towards you goal of having enough passive income to earn you the financial freedom you deserve.