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Therefore, it is our intention and hope that every section of
this booklet will serve as the cause and condition (hetu and
paccaya) to bring forth the Dhamma light to show the path that
leads to the spiritual goal. It is also possible that no gain will
result because all results occur only when there are sufficient
causes. So it is important to be diligent.

In order for you to derive the full benefits from every section,
please read mindfully and meditatively. Make sure to use
appropriate consideration and reflection (yonisomanasikara) to help
you think wisely and productively. Concentrate on each section
with a thorough understanding. Use each section as a building
block or a stepping stone until you finish the booklet.

The results are up to YOU!

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  • Nhoi
    7 Mar 13 11:08
    This's one of the good books