The way to nirvana in this life

The way to nirvana in this life Free!
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The Buddha realized nirvana with his mind during his lifetime. So did all of his arahant disciples, who also realized nirvana after him in their lifetime. Likewise, the attainment of nirvana in this very life is possible if we are constantly mindful to abandon what is evil, always do what is good and purify our own mind like all the arahants. This can be achieved through the study and practice of the dharma according to the four noble truths – correctly, fully and consistently. This little book therefore brings to you the four noble truths, plainly and clearly explained, complete with the three aspects of learning, namely, theory, practice and evaluation. You will certainly experience nirvana at each and every moment in this life without any limitation as to time and place. And there is no need to wait until the next life either.